F2 Magnifying 3D Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone


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  • Use as a traditional magnifier, magnify its large area, more suitable for the elderly read books, read newspapers, read the news online
  • Magnification, it make each mobile phone has large screen clear movies like reduce eye fatigue of movies and television brought on mobile phone and stinging eyes and tears phenomenon
  • Folding design, light weight, simple appearance makes it very portable and attractive
  • The item simple, elegant, light weight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in various occasions indoor, camping, journey, leisure etc simple, compact and suitable for all kinds of mobile phone
  • Watch the bigger screen at longer distance, can protect the eyes from long watching

18.8 x 12.6 x 4.2 cm

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Weight 0.168 kg
Dimensions 18.8 × 12.6 × 4.2 cm